Certificate Of Analysis
Product Name Palmitic acid-1-13C,
S & E tested, 99 atom % 13C
Product Number 661597
Product Brand ALDRICH
CAS Number 57677-53-9
Molecular Formula CH3(CH2)1413CO2H
Molecular Weight 257.42
% Water: < = 0.5% 0.38%
GC: Minimum 99% chemical purity 99.1%
1H-NMR (FT): Structure and purity verification Meets requirement
13C-NMR: Structure and purity verification Meets requirement
Isotopic Enrich.: Minimum 99 atom% 13C based upon labelled precursor 99.6 atom% 13C
m.p.: Conforms with standard 62-63oC
Appearance: While powder White powder
Sterility: Meets Test Requirement of Membrane Sterility Test based upon USP <71> Meets requirement (Please see next page)
Pyrogens: <0.5 EU/ml testing 10 ml of an extract based upon USP <85> Meets requirement (Please see next page)
*: (150 mg extracted with 30 ml water) Sterility & Pyrogenicity Test Date November 2006
S & P Meets Requirement. See following statement: Note: All the compounds that Isotec, a division of Sigma-Aldrich, offers are manufactured and tested to the highest purity in the industry. Researchers intending to use these products in applications involving humans do so at their own responsibility and must comply with all applicable regulations. Isotec will provide supporting information to assist medical research groups in obtaining regulatory approval in their countries. Isotec can test products for sterility and pyrogenicity . The testing is done in bulk form, before subdivision packaging . This bulk test does not guarantee that the subdivision or repackaged aliquot is sterile and pyrogen free when it is received or used by the customer, and does not imply suitability for any particular purpose. If the product must be sterile and pyrogen free for the intended application, Isotec recommends that the product be tested prior to actual use.
Release Date: 2006/12/01