Certificate Of Analysis
Product Name Sheep Serum,
USA origin, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture
Product Number S2263
Product Brand SIGMA
Cell Line Informational - Record cell lines CHO cell line
Sterility by USP Negative Negative
Mycoplasma Test by Barile None detected None detected
Osmolality 260 - 340 mOsm/kg water 296 mOsm/kg water
AVA (9CFR113.53) Bovine Adenovirus - None detected None detected
  Bovine Parvovirus - None detected None detected
  Blue Tongue Virus - None detected None detected
  BVDV by FA - Tested Tested
  Cytopathic Effect - None detected None detected
  Hemadsorption - None detected None detected
  Rabies Virus - None detected None detected
  Reovirus - None detected None detected
  Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus -,None detected None detected
Total Protein 6.0 - 7.6 g% 7.5 g%
Chemical Profile Cholesterol - Record (mg/dL) 57 mg/dL
  Iron - Record (mcg/dL) 139 mcg/dL
  GLucose - Record (mg/dL) 107 mg/dL
  Sodium - Record (mEq/L) 137 mEq/L
  Triglyceride - Record (mg/dL) 19 mg/dL
Electrophoretic Profile Albumin - Record (g/dL) 4.6 g/dL
  Alpha Globulin - Record (g/dL) 0.1 g/dL
  Beta Globulin - Record (g/dL) 0.9 g/dL
  Gamma Globulin - Record (g/dL) 1.8 g/dL
Mycoplasma None detected (DNA Fluorochrome Stain) None detected
pH 7.0 - 8.5 7.8
Endotoxin Assay <= 100 EU/mL 5.0 EU/mL
Hemoglobin Assay <= 50 mg% 26 mg%
Cell Culture Testing Pass - Comparable to control lot Pass - Comparable to control lot
Country of Origin United States United States
QC Acceptance Date Record 19Jul19
Appearance Clear straw to amber colored liquid Clear amber colored liquid

C of A comments Country of final product processing: United States
Intended Use For R&D use only. Not for drug, household, or other uses.
Storage Store at -20 C
Approval Date and Time 8/07/2019 13:30:17
Manufact Date 6/11/2019
Expiratn Date 6/30/2023