Certificate Of Analysis
Product Name ANTI-T antibody produced in mouse,
clone 2A12, purified immunoglobulin, buffered aqueous solution
Product Number SAB1412316
Product Brand SIGMA
Appearance colorless liquid colorless liquid
Concentration Report Result 1 mg/mL
Storage/Stability Report Result For continuous use, store at 2-8°C for one-two days. For extended storage, store in -20°C freezer. Working dilution samples should be discarded if not used within 12 hours.
Storage Temperature -20�C -20�C
Species Reactivity Report Result Human
ELISA Antibody concentration: 1 ug/ml using recombinant protein. Pass
Sandwich ELISA Detection limit for recombinant GST tagged T is approximately 0.03ng/ml. Pass
Western Blotting (Recombinant Protein) Antibody concentration: 1 ug/ml. Specific band of ~36.6 kDa using immunogen protein lysate. Pass
Western Blotting (Cell Lysate) Not Verified Not Verified
Immunohistochemistry Not Verified Not Verified
Immunofluorescence Not Verified Not Verified