Specification Sheet
Product Name Ethyl alcohol, Pure,
200 proof, ACS reagent, meets USP testing specifications, Excise Tax-free, Permit for use required
Product Number 792780
Product Brand SIAL
CAS Number 64-17-5
Molecular Weight 46.07
Assay (by GC, corrected for water) >= 99.5%
Assay (by specific gravity@15.56°C) >= 99.5%
Water (wt%) <= 0.2%
Proof Lot Analysis
Identification A - Specific Gravity <= 0.7962 @ 15.56°C
Identification Test B Conforms to Infrared Spectra
Color (APHA) <= 10
Clarity of Solution Sample Solution A & B show same clarity as that of water, or their opalescence is not more pronounced than that of Reference suspension A
Color of Solution Sample Solution has the appearance of water or is not more intensely colored than the Standard solution
Solubility in Water To Pass Test
Residue after Evaporation <= 0.001%
Limit of Nonvolatile Residue Weight of the residue does not exceed 2.5mg
Acetone/Isopropyl Alcohol To Pass Tests
Titrable Acid <= 0.0005 meq/g
Titrable Base <= 0.0002 meq/g
Acidity or Alkalinity Solution is pink (30ppm, expressed as acetic acid)
Methanol <= 0.1%
Substances Darkened by Sulfuric Acid To Pass Test
Substances reducing permanganate To Pass Test
Ultraviolet absorption @ 240 nm <= 0.40
Ultraviolet absorption @ 250 nm and 260 nm <= 0.30
Ultraviolet Absorbance @ 270 nm and 340 nm <= 0.10
Ultraviolet Absorbance @ 235 nm to 340 nm Absorption curve is smooth
Volatile Impurities-Methanol <= 200 ppm
Volatile Impurities-Sum of Acetal and <= 10 ppm
Volatile Impurities-Benzene <= 2 ppm
Volatile Impurities-Total of all other impurities <= 300 ppm