Specification Sheet
Product Name Fetal Bovine Serum,
USA origin, Dialyzed by ultrafiltration against 0.15 M NaCl, sterile-filtered, suitable for cell culture
Product Number F0392
Product Brand SIGMA
Cell Lines Record cell lines
Endotoxin <= 10 EU/mL
Sterility No microbial growth detected
Mycoplasma None detected (Broth Culture)
Osmolality 260 - 340 mOsm/kg H2O
AVA (9CFR113.53) Bovine Adenovirus - None detected (type,3 and 5)
  Bovine Parvovirus - None detected
  Blue Tongue Virus - None detected
  BVDV by FA - Tested
  Cytopathic Effect - None detected
  Hemadsorption - None detected
  Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis - None,detected
  Parainfluenza 3 - None detected
  Rabies Virus - None detected
  Reovirus - None detected
  Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus -,None detected
  Vesicular Stomatitis Virus - None,detected
Bacteriophage None detected
Location of Reserve Sample Present
Total Protein 3.0 - 4.5 g%
Chemical Profile Cholesterol - Report result (mg/dL)
Hormone Level Estradiol- Report result
Chemical Profile Iron - Report result (mcg/dL)
  Glucose-Report result (mg/dL)
Hormone Level Insulin - Report Result
Chemical Profile Sodium - Report result (mEq/L)
Hormone Level Progesterone - Report result
  Testosterone - Report result
Chemical Profile Triglyceride - Report result (mg/dL)
Virus Antibody Test BRSV BRSV - Record titer
Virus Antibody Test BVD BVD - Record titer
Virus Antibody Test IBR IBR - Record titer
Virus Antibody Test PI3 PI3 - Record titer
Cloning Efficiency Passed
Electrophoretic Profile Albumin (g/dL) - Record
  Alpha 1 Globulin (g/dL) - Record
  Alpha 2 Globulin (g/dL) - Record
  Beta Globulin (g/dL) - Record
  Gamma Globulin (g/dL) - Record
Mycoplasma None detected (DNA Fluorochrome Stain)
pH 6.7 - 8.0
Bovine IgG <= 1 mg/mL
Growth Promotion/Cytotoxicity Passed
Hemoglobin Test <= 20 mg%
Country of Origin Record country of origin
Appearance Clear straw to amber colored liquid
Intended Use For R&D use only. Not for drug, household, or other uses.
Storage Store at -20 C
Extended Item Desc. Fetal Bovine Serum
  Cell Culture Tested. Dialzyed by Ultrafiltration
  10,000 Molecular Weight Cut-off
Origin The material used in this product was collected in the United States.
  Animals used for collection of serum were USDA inspected and acceptable
  for slaughter.
C of A comments Country of final product processing: United States
Label Requirements Expiration date on the Sigma label is in MM/YY format. As an example:
  if material expires 31AUG12 the expiration date on the label will be
  listed as 08/12.
  DOM: N EXP: Y Format MM/YY
Expiration Notes for FG Expiration Date: 60 months from date of manufacture
  Stop Lot Date: 58 months from date of manufacture
Misc. Expiration date for SAFC/BPCS purposes is the last day of the month. As
  an example: 31AUG12
Label Requirements Caution: Substance not yet fully tested (EU).
  Use Sigma label stock.
Misc. Create both a BPCS generated COA and a SAP generated COA.
Specification F0392.000000001
Approval Date 4/22/2011