Specification Sheet
Product Name Indole-3-acetic acid sodium salt,
suitable for plant cell culture, BioReagent, ≥98%
Product Number I5148
Product Brand SIGMA
CAS Number 6505-45-9
Molecular Weight 197.17
Appearance (Color) White to Off-White
Appearance (Form) Powder
Solubility (Color) Colorless to Faint Yellow
Solubility (Turbidity) Clear
  50 mg/mL in water
Water (by Karl Fischer) ≤8.0 %
Carbon (anhydrous) 57.8 - 64.2 %
Sodium (Na) anhydrous 8.8 - 14.5 %
Proton NMR spectrum Conforms to Structure
Purity (TLC) ≥98 %
Plant Cell Culture Test Pass