zinc finger protein 181

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Synonyms: HHZ181
UniProtKB ID: Q2M3W8, B7ZKX3, Q49A75
Gene ID:
Human(339318) Summary: Zinc finger proteins have been shown to interact with nucleic acids and to have diverse functions. The zinc finger domain is a conserved amino acid sequence motif containing 2 specifically positioned cysteines and 2 histidines that are involved in coordinating zinc. Kruppel-related proteins form 1 family of zinc finger proteins. See MIM 604749 for additional information on zinc finger proteins.[supplied by OMIM, Jul 2003]
Horse(100057907) zinc finger protein 181
domestic cat(101081591) zinc finger protein 181
dog(484590) zinc finger protein 181
naked mole-rat(101717478) zinc finger protein 181
Domestic Rabbit(100341153) zinc finger protein 181
cow(767826) zinc finger protein 181
sheep(101114378) zinc finger protein 181
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NM_001029997 Rosetta Predictions human pricing
NM_001029997 Rosetta Predictions Human
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1 SASI_Hs01_00132591 predicted 1522
2 SASI_Hs02_00307597 predicted 2295
3 SASI_Hs02_00307598 predicted 2296
4 SASI_Hs01_00132597 predicted 2761
5 SASI_Hs02_00307599 predicted 1510
6 SASI_Hs02_00307600 predicted 1317
7 SASI_Hs02_00307601 predicted 2313
8 SASI_Hs02_00307602 predicted 2814
9 SASI_Hs01_00132592 predicted 2843
10 SASI_Hs02_00307603 predicted 2096
11 SASI_Hs01_00132589 predicted 2146
12 SASI_Hs01_00132590 predicted 2852
13 SASI_Hs01_00132593 predicted 2018
14 SASI_Hs01_00132594 predicted 2809
15 SASI_Hs01_00132595 predicted 1937
16 SASI_Hs01_00132596 predicted 2063
17 SASI_Hs01_00132598 predicted 1589