Antibiotiki i khimioterapiia = Antibiotics and chemoterapy [sic]

[Laboratory and clinical study of nitazole].

PMID 10079871


Nitazole, a drug from the nitrotiazole group, was shown to be active in vitro against bacteroides, peptococci, peptostreptococci, clostridia, staphylococci, colibacilli and streptococci. By its activity and antibacterial spectrum nitazole had some advantages over metronidazole, a drug from the nitroimidazole group. Experimental study of nitazole aerosole formulation in 4 models of purulent wounds of rabbits infected by Bacteroides fragilis, B. melaninogenicus, Clostridium perfringens 27 and Staphylococcus aureus 209P revealed its high therapeutic efficacy. In the treatment of 37 patients with purulent wounds of the soft tissues including 12 cases isolating anaerobic microbes, the clinical process of the acute suppuration in all the patients at the average reduced to the 5th-7th day. By the data of the bacteriological and cytological examinations the wound surface was ready for putting in stitches or free perforated cutaneous graft by the 10th-12th day. The drug tolerance was good. No adverse reaction were observed under the nitazole dressing in any case during the treatment of the wounds.