European journal of pharmacology

Selectivity of diadenosine polyphosphates for rat P2X receptor subunits.

PMID 10082274


The pharmacological activity of diadenosine polyphosphates was investigated at three recombinant P2X receptors (rat P2X1, rat P2X3, rat P2X4) expressed in Xenopus oocytes and studied under voltage-clamp conditions. For the rat P2X1 receptor, only P1,P6-diadenosine hexaphosphate (Ap6A) was a full agonist yet 2-3 folds less potent than ATP. At rat P2X3, P1,p4-diadenosine tetraphosphate (Ap4A), P1,P5-diadenosine pentaphosphate (Ap5A) and Ap6A were full agonists and more potent than ATP. Ap4A alone was equipotent with ATP at rat P2X4, but only as a partial agonist. Compared to known data for rat P2X2 and human P2X1 receptors, our findings contrast with rat P2X2 where only Ap4A is a full agonist although four folds less potent than ATP. At rat and human orthologues of P2X1, Ap5A was a partial agonist with similar potency. These data provide a useful basis for selective agonists of P2X receptor subunits.