BJU international

Topical vasoactive cream in the treatment of erectile failure: a prospective, randomized placebo-controlled trial.

PMID 10368202


To repeat a previous study on the use of a topical treatment for erectile failure using a vasoactive cream. Fourteen patients with erectile failure who had previously responded to intracorporeal injection therapy were enrolled in a randomized placebo-controlled trial. They were given two topical applications, comprising either a cream containing aminophylline, isosorbide dinitrate and co-dergocrine mesylate, or a placebo cream of similar appearance containing no pharmacologically active ingredients. Each patient received 16 applications, eight of the active cream and eight placebo. The creams were applied alternatively on successive occasions and the results recorded. The active cream, applied on 77 occasions, resulted in three good and 13 partial erections. The placebo cream, applied on 76 occasions, yielded four good and 13 partial erections. We were unable to reproduce the successful results reported by others; in the present study the active cream performed no better than placebo.

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