Pneumologie (Stuttgart, Germany)

[Diagnosis of chronic berylliosis].

PMID 10409861


The diagnostic value of the lymphocyte transformation test (BeLT) and the intracutaneous skin test with berylliumsulfate was addressed in 13 patients with chronic berylliosis, and 15 individuals with occupational exposure. Additionally, patients with sarcoidosis (n = 21), tuberculosis (n = 14) and healthy controls (n = 25) were tested with BeLT and yielded negative results. In chronic berylliosis the BeLT was positive in 10/13. In 3/13 the BeLT was negative, but the skin test positive. 6/15 exposed individuals exhibited a positive BeLT. The time course of the skin test differed markedly between the individual berylliosis patients. Typical granulomas were present in 4/10 cases. In 9 exposed individuals BeLT tested negative. Additionally, skin tests were negative in 7 exposed patients, however, unspecific skin reactions were observed in 3 cases. The diagnostic value of Beryllium IT requires further investigation. At present, BeLT appears to be a suitable test to prove beryllium sensitisation.

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