Deutsche medizinische Wochenschrift (1946)

[Severe nephrotic syndrome with reversible acute kidney failure in lupus-associated membranous nephropathy].

PMID 10414228


A 20 year old, previously healthy woman presented with a four week history of progressive oedema of the legs and the eyelids and a weight gain of 10 kg. Biochemical tests revealed a nephrotic syndrome with a protein-loss in urine of 13.6 g/24 hours and a serum-albumin of 1.2 g/dl. Serological tests showed positive response for antinuclear antibodies, anti-double-stranded-DNA antibodies and cardiolipin antibodies. Renal histology revealed a lupus-associated diffuse membranous nephropathy (WHO-type Vd). We first started a treatment regimen with oral steroids and intravenous loop-diuretics without improvement of the nephrotic syndrome. Two weeks after initial presentation the patient developed dialysis-dependent, acute renal failure. Having excluded a renal vein-thrombosis and the transition to diffuse proliferative form of the glomerulonephritis we suggested a nephrotic etiology of the acute renal failure. We initiated cyclophosphamide pulse-therapy which led to dramatic improvement of the nephrotic syndrome after the first cycle with reduction of protein-loss to 6 g/24 hours. Concurrently renal function recovered and treatment with hemodialysis could be stopped after 3 weeks. Acute renal failure in nephrotic syndrome has also to be considered in an acute form of a membranous lupus nephritis. Renal recovery is much better when acute renal failure is caused by nephrotic syndrome.

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