FEBS letters

Identification of a novel Skp2-like mammalian protein containing F-box and leucine-rich repeats.

PMID 10508920


The F-box protein Skp2 is important for S phase entry and binds to Skp1 and the cyclin A-Cdk2 complex. Here we report the cloning, analysis of genomic organization and characterization of a novel gene product related to Skp2 named FBL2. The human FBL2 gene was found to be a highly interrupted gene of at least 126.6 kb located on chromosome 17 in close proximity to the TRAP220 gene in a head-to-tail orientation. The predicted protein contains an F-box and six perfect C-terminal leucine-rich repeats. Similar to Skp2, this protein interacts with Skp1 and deletion of the F-box inhibits this association. However, in contrast to Skp2, FBL2 was detected in non-proliferating hepatocytes and its expression increased in growth-arrested liver epithelial cells. In addition, FBL2 was localized primarily in the cytoplasm concentrated around the nucleus. Overall, our data indicate that although FBL2 shares strong structural homology with Skp2 as well as having a similar ability to associate with Skp1, these proteins likely play distinct roles and target different substrates to the SCF complex.