Analytical biochemistry

Hyaluronic acid and chondroitin sulfate unsaturated disaccharides analysis by high-performance liquid chromatography and fluorimetric detection with dansylhydrazine.

PMID 10610685


A system capable of resolving all the known unsaturated nonsulfated, mono- and disulfated disaccharides derived from chondroitin sulfate samples, dermatan sulfate, and hyaluronic acid after their derivatization with dansylhydrazine and separation by HPLC and fluorimetric detection is reported. This method was found superior to others in that unsaturated disaccharides can be separated with good resolution in about 50 min in an isocratic solvent with a sensitivity greater than about 50 pmol (approx 20-30 ng) and linearity from 50 to 500 pmol. The system was applied to the analysis of various chondroitin sulfate samples, including highly sulfated species and dermatan sulfate, and also to a defructosylated polysaccharide with a chondroitin backbone purified from Escherichia coli U1-41. Excellent agreement was obtained with traditional compositional analysis performed by anion-exchange HPLC separation and UV absorption at 230 nm.

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