The Journal of biological chemistry

Janus kinase 2-dependent activation of p38 mitogen-activated protein kinase by growth hormone. Resultant transcriptional activation of ATF-2 and CHOP, cytoskeletal re-organization and mitogenesis.

PMID 10636915


We demonstrate here that p38 mitogen-activated protein (MAP) kinase is activated in response to cellular stimulation by human GH (hGH) in Chinese hamster ovary cells stably transfected with GH receptor cDNA. This activation requires the proline-rich box 1 region of the GH receptor required for JAK2 association and is prevented by pretreatment of cells with the JAK2-specific inhibitor AG490. ATF-2 is both phosphorylated and transcriptionally activated by hGH, and its transcriptional activation also requires the proline-rich box 1 region of the GH receptor. Expression of wild type JAK2 can further enhance hGH-induced ATF-2-, CHOP-, and Elk-1-mediated transcriptional activation, whereas pretreatment with AG490 is inhibitory. Use of either specific pharmacological inhibitors or transient transfection of cells with p38alpha MAP kinase cDNA or a dominant negative variant demonstrated that hGH-stimulated transcriptional activation of ATF-2 and CHOP, but not Elk-1, is regulated by p38 MAP kinase. Both the p38 MAP kinase and p44/42 MAP kinase are critical for hGH-stimulated mitogenesis, whereas only p38 MAP kinase is required for hGH-induced actin cytoskeletal re-organization. p38 MAP kinase is therefore an important regulator in coordinating the pleiotropic effects of GH.