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Effects of peptidase inhibitors on anti-nociceptive action of dynorphin-(1-8) in rats.

PMID 10731039


Previous in vitro studies showed that the degradation of dynorphin-(1-8) [dyn-(1-8)] by cerebral membrane preparations is almost completely prevented by a mixture of three peptidase inhibitors (PIs), amastatin, captopril and phosphoramidon. In the present investigations, effects of the three PIs on the anti-nociception induced by the intra-third-ventricular (i.t.v.) administration of dyn-(1-8) were examined. The inhibitory effect of dyn-(1-8) on the tail-flick response was increased more than 100-fold by the i.t.v. pretreatment of rats with the three PIs. The inhibition produced by dyn-(1-8) in rats pretreated with any combination of two PIs was significantly smaller than that in rats pretreated with three PIs, indicating that any residual single peptidase could inactivate significant amounts of dyn-(1-8). The antagonistic effectiveness of naloxone, a relatively selective mu-opioid antagonist, indicates that dyn-(1-8)-induced inhibition of tail-flick response in rats pretreated with three PIs is mediated by mu-opioid receptors. Furthermore, mu-receptor-mediated inhibition induced by dyn-(1-8) was significantly greater than that produced by [Met5]-enkephalin in rats pretreated with three PIs. The data obtained in the present investigations together with those obtained in previous studies strongly indicate that dyn-(1-8) not only has well-known kappa-agonist activity but also has high mu-agonist activity.