Inhibition of motility of hamster spermatozoa by protein tyrosine kinase inhibitors.

PMID 10755192


Genistein, tyrphostin and piceatannol, which are specific inhibitors of protein tyrosine kinase, were screened for their effects on the motility of intact and demembranated hamster spermatozoa. Of the three inhibitors only piceatannol inhibited the motility of intact spermatozoa. None of the inhibitors had any inhibitory effect on the reactivation of motility of demembranated hamster spermatozoa. Taken together these results indicated that a protein tyrosine kinase associated with the membrane of hamster spermatozoa was probably involved in sustenance of hamster sperm motility. Therefore in the present study a membrane-associated protein tyrosine kinase was purified from a detergent-soluble extract of plasma membranes of mature hamster spermatozoa. The purification involved cation exchange chromatography on fast protein liquid chromatography (FPLC) followed by affinity chromatography either on an antiphosphotyrosine antibody agarose or poly glu-tyr agarose column. The pure protein tyrosine kinase had an apparent molecular mass of 45 kDa. The enzyme was not inhibited by genistein or herbimycin but was inhibited by piceatannol. This is the first report on the purification of a sperm plasma membrane-associated protein tyrosine kinase, an enzyme which has also been implicated in hamster sperm motility.

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