Nucleic acids research

DNA strand transfer catalyzed by vaccinia topoisomerase: ligation of DNAs containing a 3' mononucleotide overhang.

PMID 10756188


The specificity of vaccinia topoisomerase for transesterification to DNA at the sequence 5'-CCCTT and its versatility in strand transfer have illuminated the recombinogenic properties of type IB topoisomerases and spawned topoisomerase-based strategies for DNA cloning. Here we characterize a pathway of topoisomerase-mediated DNA ligation in which enzyme bound covalently to a CCCTT end with an unpaired +1T nucleotide rapidly and efficiently joins the CCCTT strand to a duplex DNA containing a 3' A overhang. The joining reaction occurs with high efficiency, albeit slowly, to duplex DNAs containing 3' G, T or C overhangs. Strand transfer can be restricted to the correctly paired 3' A overhang by including 0.5 M NaCl in the ligation reaction mixture. The effects of base mismatches and increased ionic strength on the rates of 3' overhang ligation provide a quantitative picture of the relative contributions of +1 T:A base pairing and electrostatic interactions downstream of the scissile phosphate to the productive binding of an unlinked acceptor DNA to the active site. The results clarify the biochemistry underlying topoisomerase-cloning of PCR products with non-templated 3' overhangs.