Ginecologia y obstetricia de Mexico

[Conservative treatment of interstitial ectopic pregnancy and endometriosis with laparoscopic methotrexate and potassium chloride and complementary management with nasal nafarelin. Report of a case and review of the literature].

PMID 10774100


A case of a 30 year-old patient is presented with infertility, 56 days opsomenorrhea, cervical tenderness, left adnexial mass, beta subunit of Human Gonadotrophin Corionic (HGC) of 112 mUl/mL, endovaginal ultrasonogram showed trophoblastic vascular flow with cardiac output, suggestive of ectopic gestation. Laparoscopy confirmed the diagnostic of left ectopic interstitial pregnancy, salpingocentesis was done with Methotrexate and potassium chloride and severe endometriosis was found. The postoperative control with seric levels of beta subunit HGC were negativized at 28 days. The treatment lasted 4 months with Nafarelin. The second look Hysteroscopy-Laparoscopy showed complete resolution of ectopic gestation, endometriosis improvement and bilateral tubal permeability.