Journal of medicinal chemistry

Syntheses of (R)- and (S)-2- and 6-fluoronorepinephrine and (R)- and (S)-2- and 6-fluoroepinephrine: effect of stereochemistry on fluorine-induced adrenergic selectivities.

PMID 10780918


Several routes to the enantiomers of fluoronorepinephrines (1) and fluoroepinephrines (2) were explored. A catalytic enantioselective oxazaborolidine reduction and a chiral (salen)Ti(IV) catalyzed asymmetric synthesis of silyl cyanohydrins proved efficacious in the key stereo-defining steps of two respective routes. Binding studies of the catecholamines with alpha(1)-, alpha(2)-, beta(1)-, and beta(2)-adrenergic receptors were examined. The assays confirmed that fluorine substitution had marked effects on the affinity of (R)-norepinephrine and (R)-epinephrine for adrenergic receptors, depending on the position of substitution. Thus, a fluoro substituent at the 2-position of (R)-norepinephrine and (R)-epinephrine reduced activity at both alpha(1)- and alpha(2)-receptors and enhanced activity at beta(1)- and beta(2)-receptors, while fluorination at the 6-position reduced activity at the beta(1)- and beta(2)-receptors. The effects of fluorine substitution on the S-isomers were less predictable.