Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology

In vitro compatibility of tazarotene with other topical treatments of psoriasis.

PMID 10827404


Tazarotene is the first receptor-selective retinoid indicated for the topical treatment of plaque psoriasis. It is being used clinically in combination with other topical antipsoriatic treatments, although its stability in the presence of these products has not been examined extensively. This study examines the compatibility of tazarotene 0.05% gel with 17 other topical products used in the treatment of psoriasis, assessed over a 2-week period. Tazarotene showed minimal degradation (<10%) at 0, 8, 24, and 48 hours after compounding with each of the 17 products. In addition, after 1 and 2 weeks, degradation of tazarotene remained less than 10% for 15 of the 17 products tested. Tazarotene appeared to have minimal impact on the stability of the other products. These results suggest that tazarotene gel can be successfully coprescribed with a range of commonly used topical psoriasis treatments without adversely affecting the chemical stability of either agent.