Molecular cloning, chromosome mapping and characterization of UBQLN3 a testis-specific gene that contains an ubiquitin-like domain.

PMID 10831842


The sequence of the ubiquitin protein is highly conserved between species and has facilitated the cloning of numerous ubiquitin-like proteins. In the present study, we report the cloning of the cDNA for human ubiquilin 3 (UBQLN3). The deduced amino acid sequence of UBQLN3 contains a UBQ domain (ubiquitin-like) in the amino terminus as well as two highly conserved domains found in several recently cloned ubiquitin-like proteins. One of these domains, termed the NP domain, is a highly conserved 93 amino acid region present in UBQLN3 and several ubiquitin-like proteins. The last conserved domain is the UBA domain (ubiquitin-associated) found in a variety of proteins of the ubiquination pathway. The human UBQLN3 gene was mapped to the 11p15 region of chromosome 11. Northern blot analysis of multiple human and mouse tissues demonstrated UBQLN3 mRNA expression specifically in testis.