Pflugers Archiv : European journal of physiology

Ischemia/reperfusion-induced changes in intracellular free Ca2+ levels in rat skeletal muscle fibers--an in vivo study.

PMID 10898531


Accumulation of intracellular free calcium (Ca2+i) may play an essential role in the ischemia/reperfusion injury of skeletal muscle. Although it has been shown that Ca2+i levels significantly increase during ischemia/reperfusion, it is still a matter of debate whether Ca2+i increases during ischemia alone. It was the aim of this study to monitor the in vivo Ca2+i levels in the rat spinotrapezius muscle during ischemia of varying duration and reperfusion, using a ratiometric fluorescence technique, and to investigate the relationship between the postischemic flow patterns and Ca2+i, if any. The muscle was loaded with Indo-1/AM and imaged by a cooled digital camera. Pre- and postischemic tissue perfusion was assessed by means of an analogue camera. Our results show that short-term ischemia (5, 15 and 30 min) and subsequent reperfusion (60 min) does not alter Ca2+i homeostasis and that tissue perfusion promptly recovers after the insult. One or two hours of ischemia resulted in changes in Ca2+i levels, varying from preparation to preparation; increases in some and no changes in others. In these preparations three distinct flow patterns - normal, compromised and no-reflow - could be distinguished during the 60-min reperfusion. Our main conclusion is that in skeletal muscle Ca2+i levels may increase, the increase probably depending on the muscle fiber type exposed.

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