Japanese journal of cancer research : Gann

Suppressive effects of dietary genistin and daidzin on rat prostate carcinogenesis.

PMID 10965018


High intake of phytoestrogens through soybeans and their products is thought to be associated with low incidences of prostate and / or breast cancer in Asian countries. Possible chemopreventive effects of genistin or daidzin on rat prostate carcinogenesis were therefore investigated. Male F344 rats were given 10 biweekly subcutaneous injections of 3,2'-dimethyl-4-aminobiphenyl (DMAB) and then either genistin or daidzin in the diet at a concentration of 0.1% for 40 weeks. Other groups of rats given DMAB were treated with genistin or daidzin together with a high dose of testosterone propionate (TP). Both genistin and daidzin reduced the numbers of ventral prostate carcinomas (P < 0.05), with a tendency for decrease in incidence. Invasive carcinomas which developed in the anterior prostate and seminal vesicles with TP were, however, not influenced by the two isoflavones. Thus, the present data suggest that genistin and daidzin possess anti-cancer effects at relatively early stages of prostate cancer development, providing experimental support for epidemiological findings.