Glycoconjugate journal

Determination of the cross-linking effect of adipic acid dihydrazide on glycoconjugate preparation.

PMID 11003553


The cross-linking effect of adipic acid dihydrazide (ADH) on polysaccharide derivatization can be evaluated by applying combination of elemental analysis and colorimetric assay. Elemental analysis is used for estimation of total ADH bound to polysaccharide and a colorimetric trinitrobenzene sulfonic acid assay is used to determine the part of ADH not involved in cross-linking. The difference of values expressed as molar ratios (per repeating unit) provides information on the amount of ADH involved in cross-linking the polysaccharides. Carboxymethylated polysaccharides were derivatized with different amounts of ADH to test the procedure. Analytical results showed that excess of ADH in the reaction only slightly decreased the cross-linking. The number of carboxyl groups remained unmodified even at high excess of ADH and high concentration of carbodiimide (EDC) coupling reagent.

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