Journal of bacteriology

Genetic mapping of a mutation that causes ribonucleases III deficiency in Escherichia coli.

PMID 1100605


the mutation that causes ribonuclease III (RNase III) deficiency in strain AB301-105 of Kindler et al. (1973) has been mapped by use of F' merodiploids, Hfr matings, and P1 transduction. This mutation, rnc-105, lies close to nadB, near 49 min on the genetic map of Escherichia coli. The rnc-105 mutation has been transferred from its original genetic background by transduction and conjugation, and these new strains have the same defects in ribonucleic acid processing reported previously for AB301-105. Strains that carry rnc-105 grow more slowly than parental rnc+ strains, but the difference in growth rate seems to depend on the genetic background of each strain. Bacteriophage T7 grows about equally well in RNase III+ and III- female strains of E. coli, even though the specific cuts that RNase III makes in T7 ribonucleic acid are not made in the RNase III- strains. A low-phosphate defined medium in which most E. coli strains seem to grow well was developed. This medium is equally useful for labeling ribonucleic acids with 32PO4 and as a selective medium for genetic manipulations. It was used to determine the growth requirements of strain AB301-105, which are biotin and succinate in addition to the methionine and histidine requirements of the parental strain. The biotin mutation lies near the position expected from known mutations of E. coli, but the succinate mutation apparently does not. The possibility that the succinate requirement could be due to the RNase III deficiency is discussed. A uraP mutation was isolated for use in transferring rnc-105 between strains by conjugation. It lies near 47 min, somewhat removed from the commonly accepted position for uraP.