The Journal of biological chemistry

Cell cycle regulation of the murine cdc25B promoter: essential role for nuclear factor-Y and a proximal repressor element.

PMID 11104768


Expression of the cdc25B gene is up-regulated late during cell cycle progression (S/G(2)). We have cloned the murine cdc25B promoter to identify elements involved in transcriptional regulation. A detailed structure-function analysis led to the identification of several elements that are located upstream of a canonical Inr motif at the site of transcription initiation and are involved in transcriptional activation and regulation. Activation of the promoter is largely mediated by NF-Y and Sp1/3 interacting with one and four proximal binding sites, respectively. In addition, NF-Y plays an essential role in cell cycle regulation in conjunction with a repressor element (cell cycle-regulated repressor) located approximately 30 nucleotides upstream of the putative Inr element and overlapping a consensus TATA motif. The cell cycle-regulated repressor is unrelated to the previously described cell cycle-regulated repressor elements. Taken together, our observations suggest that expression of the cdc25B gene is controlled through a novel mechanism of cell cycle-regulated transcription.