The Biochemical journal

Characterization of a novel phosphatidylinositol 3-phosphate-binding protein containing two FYVE fingers in tandem that is targeted to the Golgi.

PMID 11256955


We have identified a novel protein of predicted molecular mass 40 kDa that contains two FYVE domains in tandem and has therefore been named TAFF1 (TAndem FYVE Fingers-1). The protein is expressed predominantly in heart and binds to PtdIns3P specifically, even though the FYVE domains in TAFF1 lacks the first Arg of the consensus sequence R(K/R)HHCR, critical for the PtdIns3P binding of other FYVE domains identified so far. The first Arg is replaced by a Thr and Ser in the N-terminal and C-terminal FYVE domains of TAFF1 respectively. Mutational analysis indicates that both FYVE domains are required for high affinity binding to PtdIns3P. Cell localization studies using a green fluorescent protein fusion show that TAFF1 is localized to the Golgi, and that the Golgi targeting sequence is located within the N-terminal 187 residues and not in either FYVE domain.