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Optimal quality (131)I-monoclonal antibodies on high-dose labeling in a large reaction volume and temporarily coating the antibody with IODO-GEN.

PMID 11337531


A novel, facile procedure for efficient coupling of high doses of (131)I to monoclonal antibodies (MAbs) was developed with minimal chemical and radiation damage. To diminish the radiation and chemical burden during labeling, iodination was performed in a large reaction volume and by temporarily coating the MAb with a minimal amount of IODO-GEN. The MAb was coated by injection of IODO-GEN (dissolved in acetonitrile [MeCN]) into the aqueous MAb solution, and the coating was subsequently removed by addition of ascorbic acid. For chemoprotection before, during, and after PD-10 purification of the (131)I-MAbs, ascorbic acid and human serum albumin were used. The effects of autoradiolysis in the starting (131)I solution were countered by treatment with NaOH and ascorbic acid. For this so-called IODO-GEN-coated MAb method, the sensitive chimeric MAb MOv18 (c-MOv18) and the more robust murine MAbs K928 and E48 were used. The high-dose (131)I-labeled MAbs were characterized for radiochemical purity and MAb integrity by thin-layer chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography, and sodium dodecyl sulfate polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis followed by phosphor imager quantification. The high-dose (131)I-labeled MAbs were also characterized for immunoreactivity. The radiopharmacokinetics and biodistribution of (131)I-c-MOv18 were analyzed in human tumor-bearing nude mice. For comparison, (131)I-c-MOv18 batches were made using the conventional chloramine-T or IODO-GEN-coated vial method. Conventional high-dose labeling of 5 mg c-MOv18 with 4.4 GBq (131)I resulted in a labeling yield of 60%, a radiochemical purity of 90%, an immunoreactive fraction of 25% (72% being the maximum in the assay used), and the presence of aggregation and degradation products. Using similar amounts of (131)I and MAb in the IODO-GEN-coated MAb method, 85%-89% overall radiochemical yield, at least 99.7% radiochemical purity, and full preservation of MAb integrity and immunoreactivity were achieved. For this labeling, 5 mg MAb were coated with 35 microg IODO-GEN during 3 min in a reaction volume of 6 mL. Also, biodistribution was optimal, and tumor accumulation was superior to that of coinjected (125)I-c-MOv18 labeled according to the conventional IODO-GEN-coated vial method. A new, facile, high-dose (131)I-labeling method was developed for production of (131)I-labeled MAbs with optimal quality for use in clinical radioimmunotherapy.

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