Journal of chromatography. A

On-line microdialysis coupled with microbore liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection for continuous monitoring of free cefsulodin in rat blood.

PMID 11358235


A microdialysis method followed by a microbore liquid chromatographic ultraviolet detection procedure has been performed for the assay of unbound cefsulodin in rat blood. A microdialysis probe was inserted into the jugular vein for blood sampling. This method involves an on-line design for submitting dialysate into the liquid chromatographic system. The chromatographic conditions consisted of a mobile phase of methanol-100 mM monosodium phosphoric acid (10:90, v/v, pH 5.0) pumped through a microbore reversed-phase column at a flow-rate of 0.05 ml/min. Detection wavelength was set at 265 nm. Microdialysis probes, being laboratory-made, were screened for acceptable in vivo recovery while chromatographic resolution and detection were validated for response linearity as well as intra- and inter-day variabilities. The method was then applied to pharmacokinetics profiling of cefsulodin in the blood following intravenous administration of cefsulodin (20 mg/kg) in rats. Pharmacokinetics were calculated from the corrected data for dialysate concentrations of cefsulodin versus time. Based on pharmacokinetic calculation, cefsulodin best fitted to a two-exponential disposition. This study provided specific pharmacokinetic information for protein-unbound cefsulodin and demonstrated the applicability of this continuous sampling method for pharmacokinetic study.

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Cefsulodin sodium salt hydrate, third-generation cephalosporin antibiotic
C22H19N4NaO8S2 · xH2O