Pest management science

A monoclonal antibody-based ELISA for the analysis of the insecticide flucythrinate in environmental and crop samples.

PMID 11455657


A competitive enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) has been developed for the detection of the insecticide flucythrinate in environmental and food samples. Two types of haptens, the acid moiety that is the hydrolyzed product of flucythrinate, and the carboxylated propyl derivative of the alcohol moiety, were used to prepare monoclonal antibodies (MAbs). Five MAbs, which raised against the former hapten, were reactive with flucythrinate. Among them, MAb F1A27-4 showed the highest activity toward flucythrinate, and did not cross-react with other pyrethroids such as cycloprothrin, fenvalerate, fluvalinate, etofenprox and silafluofen. The assay conditions of indirect competitive ELISA with MAb F1A27-4 were studied to optimize the detection of flucythrinate in environmental and food samples. Incubation at 4 degrees C in the assay buffer, pH 8, with 300 mM sodium chloride improved the sensitivity. The addition of rabbit serum albumin or rabbit antiserum and the presence of 50 ml litre-1 of methanol reduced matrix effects of the samples. Under optimized conditions, the ELISA detected flucythrinate spiked in water, soil, and extracts of apple and tea samples down to 10 mg litre-1, 0.2 mg litre-1, 0.3 mg litre-1 and 0.3 mg litre-1, respectively. The mean recovery and CV ranged from 91% to 120% and from 5% to 12%, respectively. The ELISA results in apple samples correlated well with those from LC-MS analysis (r2 = 0.99, n = 12).

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