Molecular and cellular biology

Preserved pancreatic beta-cell development and function in mice lacking the insulin receptor-related receptor.

PMID 11463843


Receptors of the insulin/insulinlike growth factor (IGF) family have been implicated in the regulation of pancreatic beta-cell growth and insulin secretion. The insulin receptor-related receptor (IRR) is an orphan receptor of the insulin receptor gene (Ir) subfamily. It is expressed at considerably higher levels in beta cells than either insulin or IGF-1 receptors, and it has been shown to engage in heterodimer formation with insulin or IGF-1 receptors. To address whether IRR plays a physiologic role in beta-cell development and regulation of insulin secretion, we have characterized mice lacking IRR and generated a combined knockout of Ir and Irr. We report that islet morphology, beta-cell mass, and secretory function are not affected in IRR-deficient mice. Moreover, lack of IRR does not impair compensatory beta-cell hyperplasia in insulin-resistant Ir(+/-) mice, nor does it affect beta-cell development and function in Ir(-/-) mice. We conclude that glucose-stimulated insulin secretion and embryonic beta-cell development occur normally in mice lacking Irr.

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