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Precision and reproducibility of temperature response of a thermo-responsive membrane embedded by binary liquid crystals for drug delivery.

PMID 11516506


A thermo-responsive membrane embedding with the binary mixture of 36% cholesteryl oleyl carbonate (COC) and 64% cholesteryl nonanoate (CN) was successfully developed to achieve a rate-controlled and time-controlled drug release in response to the skin temperature (i.e., 32 degrees C) of the human body. The thermophysical properties of this binary mixture were determined by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and a microscopic Fourier transform infrared (FT-IR) spectrometer equipped with a thermal analyzer (FT-IR/DSC microscopic system). The phase transition temperatures of this binary mixture at 35.1 and 64.0 degrees C were clearly evidenced by both analytical methods. The temperature response of this binary mixture of COC and CN with 36%:64% ratio were also investigated for eight cycles by the isothermal FT-IR/DSC microscopic system to continuously and repeatedly alter the temperature cycle between 25 and 37 degrees C. The results show that this binary mixture revealed a good temperature response in precision, sensitivity, obedience and reproducibility. The temperature-sensitive on-off pulsatile function of drug penetration through this thermo-responsive membrane was investigated. The switching mechanism of this thermo-responsive membrane was also proposed. The present result strongly indicates that the binary COC-CN mixture-embedded membrane can be used to deliver the drug in a pulsatile fashion with respect to skin temperature.

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