[Cytogenetic effects of separate and combined action of 232Th and Cd nitrates on Allum cepa root meristem cells].

PMID 11601397


Effects of separate and combined action of 232Th and Cd on Allium cepa root tip cells were investigated. It has been shown that cytogenetic effects of 232Th results mainly from its ability to induce genome damages. Cadmium in the examined concentration does not induce chromosomal vagrants, and this effect is not intensified by the combined action of 232Th and Cd (with 232Th). Cd induced increased aberrations of chromosome type frequency (1.5 times more than in control group), and fragment frequence, while mitotic index was significantly decreased. While taking into consideration the frequency of anaphase--telophase damages, and the number of aberrations per cell, the combined effects of 232Th and Cd may be considered as synergic. The aberration type ratio, frequencies of bridges and fragments, and also the level of proliferative activity of 232Th and Cd in the presence of both ions were similar with the corresponding parameters obtained when Cd acted alone. Possible mechanisms of formation of 232Th and Cd synergic effects are discussed.