Acta neuropathologica

Lipoastrocytoma: a rare low-grade astrocytoma variant of pediatric age.

PMID 11810181


We report on two children with cerebral gliomas showing extensive lipomatous change of tumor cells. One tumor was a large mass occupying the temporal and occipital lobes of the left hemisphere; the other was a cystic lesion with a mural nodule in the left frontal lobe. Histologically, both tumors were composed of glial cells that contained fat droplets coalescing into a single large droplet, thus resulting in an appearance similar to adipocytes. Immunohistochemistry showed GFAP positivity of tumor cells, which was maintained in the cytoplasmic rim of lipidized cells. Synaptophysin and neurofilaments were negative. Ki-67/Mib1 labeling index was low. Electron microscopy showed intracytoplasmic lipid vacuoles, abundant intermediate filaments and a basal lamina surrounding the cell bodies. Molecular genetic analysis of one tumor revealed no TP53 mutation (exons 4-10), no loss of CDKN2A, and no amplification of EGFR, CDK4 or MDM2. Both patients are alive and well after 3 and 7 years, respectively. However, one of them had to be re-operated on circumscribed local recurrences. Our cases represent a rare variant of low-grade astrocytoma that may be designated as "lipoastrocytoma".