Carbohydrate research

Kinetics and mechanism of Ru(III) and Hg(II) co-catalyzed oxidation of D-galactose and D-ribose by N-bromoacetamide in perchloric acid.

PMID 11841815


Kinetics of oxidation of reducing sugars D-galactose (Gal) and D-ribose (Rib) by N-bromoacetamide (NBA) in the presence of ruthenium(III) chloride as a homogeneous catalyst and in perchloric acid medium, using mercuric acetate as a scavenger for Br(minus sign) ions, as well as a co-catalyst, have been investigated. The kinetic results indicate that the first-order kinetics in NBA at lower concentrations tend towards zero order at its higher concentrations. The reactions follow identical kinetics, being first order in the [sugar] and [Ru(III)]. Inverse fractional order in [H(+)] and [acetamide] were observed. A positive effect of [Hg(OAc)(2)] and [Cl(minus sign)] was found, whereas a change in ionic strength (mu) has no effect on oxidation velocity. Formic acid and D-lyxonic acid (for Gal) and formic acid and L-erythronic acid (for Rib) were identified as main oxidation products of reactions. The various activation parameters have been computed and recorded. A suitable mechanism consistent with experimental findings has been proposed.