Indian journal of physiology and pharmacology

Neurobehavioural study of subchronic administration of oxydemeton-methyl (insecticide and acaricide) in rats.

PMID 11881572


Oxydemeton-methyl, an organophosphate insecticide and acaricide produced decrease in the exploratory behaviour and prolongation of barbitone sodium induced hypnosis in rats after intermittent aerosol spray inhalational exposure, for 1/2 hour daily for 7 consecutive days, compared to the saline control group. Further, ED50 +/- SEM value for haloperidol induced catalepsy, CD50 +/- SEM value for pentylenetetrazole induced seizure and CI50 +/- SEM value for electroshock (i.e. the dose of haloperidol, PTZ and intensity of electroshock producing catalepsy or positive seizure response in 50% of rats) were significantly decreased after 7 days exposure to oxydemeton-methyl compared to that of saline control group. The study has established the central nervous system depressant effect, extrapyramidal effect and proconvulsant potential of oxydemeton-methyl which is widely used by the agricultural workers in the form of field spray.