Indian journal of experimental biology

Cultural requirements for in vitro seed germination, protocorm growth and seedling development of Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr.

PMID 11883513


Effects of different nutrient solutions, organic supplements and plant growth regulators on in vitro seed germination and protocorm development of Geodorum densiflorum (Lam.) Schltr. were studied. Seed germination was very high (up to 96%) in all the basal media, with Knudson's C and half-strength Murashige & Skoog being slightly more productive than Vacin & Went. Application of organic supplements and NAA had little effect on germination, but BAP proved inhibitory. After germination, protocorms exhibited a clear preference for peptone and NAA for much faster growth, while BAP resulted in stunted growth. Beside normal development, disorganisation of protocorms, followed by callusing occurred in presence of peptone and NAA. The calli were compact with limited growth and frequently regenerated protocorm like bodies. Development of seedlings was preceded by an intermediary rhizome phase. Growth of rhizomes was slow in the plant growth regulator free medium and about 15 months of culture was required for seedling formation. However, it was possible to hasten the process by 8-10 months with the employment of NAA, which also enhanced the number of seedlings per protocorm through axillary branching. Combined application of high BAP and low NAA was also useful for high rate of seedling formation.