Compendium of continuing education in dentistry (Jamesburg, N.J. : 1995)

High-potency sodium fluoride: a literature review.

PMID 12090072


A considerable number of clinical studies are documented in the literature on oral products containing 5,000 ppm fluoride (F), mainly nonabrasive gels. Study results show that this level of fluoride provides marked caries protection. These high-potency gels are especially effective for irradiated head and neck cancer patients, who typically develop rampant caries. Radiation therapy causes a marked decrease in salivation (xerostomia), which predisposes the teeth to caries formation and results in devastating consequences. The currently recommended treatment for these patients involves a 2-step regimen using a 5,000 ppm F gel and a conventional 1,000 ppm F dentifrice. Unfortunately, this treatment usually results in noncompliance because two steps are inconvenient for most patients. A 5,000 ppm F dentifrice meets the oral-hygiene needs of these patients. It provides an effective level of fluoride and a convenient one-step application procedure that increases patient compliance.