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[Comparative evaluation of antioxidant properties of neoselen and berberin in chronic heliotrinal hepatitis].

PMID 12145877


Prominent features of heliotrin-related chronic toxical disorders of the liver developing in hepatic cirrohosis include hyperfermentemia, hypoproteinemia, intensification of lipid peroxidation (LPO), as evidenced by decrease in the activity of the antioxidant defence. In chronic active liver disorders, hyperfermentemia and hyperlipoperoxidation are common, but it is later in the course of the experiment that hypoproteinemia and hypoalbuminemia and manifest depression of the antioxidant defence that come to be developing. Berberin experimental pharmacotherapy has been shown to attenuate the degree of hyperfermentemia, hyperlipoperoxidation and to increase levels of albumin and antioxidant defence enzymes, particularly so earlier in the course of the studies conducted but with aggravation of the pathological process the efficacy of the drug tended to be lower. Neoselen appeared to be effective in alleviating the cytologic syndrome, hyperlipoperoxidation, increasing the activity of the antioxidant defence enzymes. Patients are found to derive more benefit from neoselen therapy with prolongation of its use.

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