Journal of medicinal chemistry

Design, synthesis, and SAR of tachykinin antagonists: modulation of balance in NK(1)/NK(2) receptor antagonist activity.

PMID 12190319


Through optimization of compounds based on the dual NK(1)/NK(2) antagonist ZD6021, it was found that alteration of two key regions could modulate the balance of NK(1) and NK(2) potency. Substitution of the 2-naphthalene position in analogues of ZD6021 resulted in increased NK(1) potency and thus afforded NK(1) preferential antagonists. Alterations of the piperidine region could then increase NK(2) potency to restore dual NK(1)/NK(2) selectivity. Through these efforts, three novel receptor antagonists from a single chemically related series were identified; two are dual NK(1)/NK(2) antagonists, and the third is an NK(1) preferential antagonist. In this paper, the factors affecting the balance of NK(1) and NK(2) selectivity in this series are discussed and the in vitro and in vivo properties of the novel antagonists are described.