Radiation protection dosimetry

Dosimetric characteristics of Li2B4O7:Cu,Ag,P solid TL detectors.

PMID 12382874


The main dosimetric characteristics are presented of newly prepared tissue-equivalent, highly sensitive thermoluminescent detector, Li,B4O7:Cu,Ag,P in the form of sintered pellets, developed at the Institute of Nuclear Sciences, Vinca. As a result of an advancement in the preparation procedure by the sensitising of basic copper activated lithium borate TL material, significant improvement in the TL sensitivity of Li2B4O7:Cu,Ag,P was gained. The glow curve of Li,B4O7:Cu,Ag,P consists of well defined main dosimetric peak situated at about 185-190 degrees C with the TL sensitivity which is about four to five times higher than that of LiF:Mg,Ti (TLD-100). From the experimental results a very wide linear dose response range, up to 10(3) Gy is evident. Dosimetric characteristics make sintered solid Li,B4O7:Cu,Ag,P TL detectors very promising for different dosimetry applications particularly in medical dosimetry and also for individual monitoring.