Yakugaku zasshi : Journal of the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan

[Fast-disintegration oral tablets having sustained release property].

PMID 12440156


Fast-disintegrating (FD) tablets containing nicorandil-loaded dry emulsions were prepared and their controlled-release properties were examined and compared with the plain FD tablets (FD tablets without dry emulsions) and commercial tablets. The dry emulsions were prepared with myristyl alcohol and stearyl alcohol and their property was modified by mixing the ratio of the two alcohols. Disintegration time of the prepared FD tablets was sufficiently fast (i.e., 12 to 23 s). In vitro release of nicorandil from the FD tablets containing the dry emulsions was sustained over 6 h, while that from plain FD and commercial tablets was complete within 5 min. In vivo absorption of nicorandil from the tablets was evaluated by oral administration in beagle dogs. FD tablets containing dry emulsions showed a similar AUC, lower Cmax, and delayed Tmax compared to the plain FD and commercial tablets. These results suggest that the dry emulsion-loaded FD tablets can be utilized to improve the sustained-release property of active drugs.