Ying yong sheng tai xue bao = The journal of applied ecology

[Distribution of anthraquinones in leaves of two Aloe species and their defence strategy].

PMID 12624988


Aloe plants are the succulents mainly distributed in arid or semi-arid desert in South Africa. TLC analysis indicated that Aole arborescens and Aloe hereroensis contained the high concentration of phenolic derivative metabolites, anthraquinones such as barbaloin, homonataloin, aloeresin and aloenin. In younger leaf, L3 of A. hereroensis, the average content of 4 anthraquinones reached 44.9% of the dry weight of exudates. The similar distribution of the anthraquinones in the two species were found, which showed that the youngest leaves had the highest content, the top part of each leaf had the highest content, and the basal part had the lowest content. Along leaf margin, the content was higher than that of central parts. However, some different distributions were also revealed and compared between the two species. It was inferred that the special distribution of anthraquinones in Aloe was a chemical defense strategy for protection themselves.