The Analyst

Adsorption of water vapour from humid air in carbon molecular sieves: carbosieve S-III and carboxens 569, 1000 and 1001.

PMID 12625564


The adsorption of water vapour in carbon molecular sieves (CMS) used to determine volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in air was investigated. The CMS mass in the trap was found not to affect the mass of retained water under conditions of incomplete saturation of the adsorbent bed with water. Thus, the restrictions commonly imposed on the CMS mass are not necessary. The usefulness of four different CMSs to sample large volumes of humid air was estimated. Carboxen 1000 exhibited the best performance. To assess the magnitude of CMS mass in the trap in dependence on the volume, the relative humidity and the temperature of the sample, the use of a novel parameter, called the water vapour interference factor, was suggested.