Journal of smooth muscle research = Nihon Heikatsukin Gakkai kikanshi

Effects of RHC-80267, an inhibitor of diacylglycerol lipase, on excitation of circular smooth muscle of the guinea-pig gastric antrum.

PMID 12713022


In small segments of circular smooth muscle isolated from the guinea-pig gastric antrum, the effects of RHC-80267, an inhibitor of diacylglycerol lipase, were investigated both on regenerative slow potentials (either occurring spontaneously or as the result of a depolarizing intracellular current injection) and on the actions of acetylcholine (ACh). As diacylglycerol is a known activator of protein kinase C (PKC), it would therefore be expected that RHC-80267 would activate PKC indirectly. In circular smooth muscle bundles, spontaneously generating slow potentials recorded simultaneously from two given cells were synchronized, indicating that these two cells were electrically coupled. RHC-80267 (0.3-1 microM) increased the frequency of slow potential generation, with no alteration to the amplitude of either the slow potentials or the resting membrane potential. Synchronous electrical activity in a given pair of cells was also unchanged by RHC-80267, indicating that intercellular electrical coupling was not altered. The input resistance of smooth muscle cells calculated from the amplitude of electrotonic potentials produced by injection of current was not significantly altered by RHC-80267. The refractory period for the generation of slow potentials evoked by depolarizing stimuli was about 8 s, and it was decreased to about 5 s by RHC-80267, with no significant alteration to the amplitude of spontaneous or evoked slow potentials. ACh (0.5 microM) depolarized the membrane by about 5 mV and increased the amplitude and frequency of slow potentials. The actions of ACh on the frequency of slow potentials were enhanced by RHC-80267, with no alteration to the amplitudes of both the ACh-induced depolarization and slow potentials. These results support the idea that PKC is involved in determining the frequency of slow potentials, by shortening the refractory period for excitation of gastric smooth muscle cells.

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