Yeast (Chichester, England)

Isolation of the MNN9 gene of Yarrowia lipolytica (YlMNN9) and phenotype analysis of a mutant ylmnn9 Delta strain.

PMID 12734801


In this work we describe the isolation of the Yarrowia lipolytica homologue of Saccharomyces cerevisiae MNN9 gene, which we have named YlMNN9, and the phenotype analysis of a Y. lipolytica strain containing the disrupted YlMNN9 allele. YlMNN9 was cloned using degenerate consensus oligonucleotides to generate specific probes that were in turn used to screen mini-gene libraries. The gene is defined by a 1014 bp ORF predicted to encode a protein 337 amino acids long that shares significant homology with the Mnn9ps of S. cerevisiae, Candida albicans and Hansenula polymorpha, including a putative N-terminal transmembrane domain. Disruption of YlMNN9 leads to phenotypes such as resistance to sodium orthovanadate and sensitivity to hygromycin B, compatible with a glycosylation defect, and hypersensitivity to Calcofluor white, Congo red or zymolyase, characteristic of cell wall defects. Analysis of cell wall proteins present in beta-mercaptoethanol and zymolyase extracts showed significant differences between the parental and the ylmnn9 Delta strain. These results suggest that, as has been the case with the mnn9 strain of S. cerevisiae, the ylmnn9 Delta strain we present in this work, could be used to study the cell wall proteins of Y. lipolytica and how they are organized into the cell wall.