Analytical sciences : the international journal of the Japan Society for Analytical Chemistry

Determination of cadmium in river water by electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry after internal standardization-assisted rapid coprecipitation with lanthanum phosphate.

PMID 12880093


Cadmium ranging from 1 - 8 ng could be coprecipitated quantitatively with lanthanum phosphate at pH 5 - 6 from up to 200 mL of river water samples spiked with 5 microg of indium as an internal standard. Cadmium and indium coprecipitated were measured by using electrothermal atomic absorption spectrometry. The cadmium content in the original sample solution could be determined by internal standardization with indium. Since complete collection of the precipitate and strict adjustment of the volume of the final solution after coprecipitation are not required in this method, the precipitate could be collected by using decantation and centrifugation, and then dissolved with 1 mL of about 2.4 mol L(-1) nitric acid. The proposed method is simple and rapid, and enrichment close to 200-times can be attained; the detection limit (3sigma, n = 6) was 0.63 ng L(-1) in 200 mL of the sample solution.

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