Otolaryngologia polska = The Polish otolaryngology

[Connection between changing the vitamin and immune status and the character of the throat microflora in patients with chronic tonsillitis].

PMID 12894427


The author investigated 28 patients with chronic tonsillitis. The fungi sort Candida on the tonsils was discovered at 10 (35.72) patients, the bacterial flora was discovered at the other patients. There were more considerable decrease content of vitamins B2, C, methylnicotinamide and methylmalonic acid in the urine, vitamins B2 and methylnicotinamide in the saliva, vitamins A and B1 in the serum of the blood in the group of the patients with the fungus flora on the tonsils. It was discovered the decrease of numbers of lymphocytes CD8 and level of immunoglobulins G and M, disimmunoglobulinemia in this group. This decrease of the vitamins, cell and humoral immunity level leads to disbacteriosis, decompensation of the disease and development of the complications.