APMIS : acta pathologica, microbiologica, et immunologica Scandinavica

Mutational analysis of salvador gene in human carcinomas.

PMID 12969014


It is believed that clonal expansion and cancer growth is the result of the deregulation of proliferation and cell death. Recently, salvador, a molecule that can regulate both cell proliferation and cell death, was identified. It was also reported that human salvador (hWW45) is mutated in some cancer cell lines. However, there have been no data regarding salvador gene mutations in human cancer tissues. To explore the hypothesis that the salvador gene might be similarly mutated in human cancer tissues, we analyzed the entire coding region of the salvador gene for the detection of somatic mutations in a series of human cancer tissues, including carcinomas from stomach, colon, liver and lung. However, using SSCP analysis, no mutation in the coding and splicing regions could be detected in the cancers. The data presented here suggest that salvador is not frequently mutated in human carcinoma tissues and that the mutation might be tumor-type specific.